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Winter Training

3 Tips for Winter training:

Invest in some quality clothing. When the weather turns to winter it becomes more important to have gear that is warm but also functional. I spend a lot of time experimenting trying to find the balance between warm, breathable and least amount of bulk and restriction as possible. Find out what works for you and your training and enjoy the cold! Spend extra time warming up. My body is particularly prone to injury when I train in colder conditions without a solid warm up. Getting your heart rate up and giving your body a slow introduction to movement patterns and having a good stretch will go a long way to helping you get the most out of your winter training. Have a backup plan. I like to have a few sessions up my sleeve that I can do on the floor space of my home (see below program) or an undercover outdoor place or indoors at a gym. This is so when the weather is particularly bad I still get a session in. Im a firm believer that something is always better than nothing.

Indoor floor session: (20-30 mins)

Warm up- Skipping/high knee jog on spot/stair runs (depending on space) 20s on 10s rest x4 Stretch + mobility 1 min continuous (Skipping/high knee jog on spot/stair runs)

Main Set- complete 3-5 times Deep squats (20) Pushup (15) on knees if needed

Lunges (10 each leg) Chair tricep dips (10) Burpees (10) Situps (15) Stair dash (or FAST high knee jog)

Warm down - Static hold (1-3 mins depending on ability) Stretch

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